Friday, December 21, 2018

Types of Pure Hand-painted Seascape Oil Paintings

1. Large Handmade Abstract Painting of wave scenery, which mainly depict features of rough or magnificent waves, are shocked by the waves pushed by great forces. It is more suitable for inspiring morale, creating passion for struggle, business-oriented companies and college entrance examination training institutions.

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2. Great Big Canvas painting of coconut tree seascape - you can intuitively understand that this kind of item is related to coconut trees on the seashore, and associate with leisure scenes such as coconut trees, beaches, hammocks and small sampans.

3. Oversized Abstract Art painting of beach and seascape - different from the first classification, it shows the beach here. It uses heavy brush strokes and bright colors to show the soft of the beach, which will not bring the feeling of mud and water to the picture.

4. Sunrise, sunset and seascape-this is a very important category of seascapes. Although the sea can be seen in the blue sky and white clouds with good light, the sunshine changes most abundantly in the morning and dusk. The rising dawn and the setting up of the sunset can bring us more colour shock experience. Personally, I like the sunset scenery best, which symbolizes all kinds of experiences that people experience when they reach maturity. Faced with such pictures, people often think about the past.

5. Big Contemporary Paingting of beacon seascape-beacon seascape, which imitates the world in fairy tales. The beacon illuminates the way home for the lost ship on the sea. It implicitly expresses the concern for family, lover and friends.

6. Navigation Scenic Oil Painting - Any country and nation will have different ways of expressing their wishes to those who are about to travel or start a new journey. For example, the most commonly used auxiliary word in China is "sailing smoothly".

7. Cliff reef seascape - the scenery of waves beating on reefs. The continuous waves roll up layers of milky white spray to impact or gently touch the reefs on the seashore, sometimes with the feeling of surging waves beating the shore, piercing rocks or warm words.

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