Friday, November 9, 2018

What happens to yi song when the canvas is bottom?-Dining Room Wall Art custom

Dining Room Wall Art custom
Due to the quality of the canvas, the wet water is prone to elastic changes.
As wet water after the shrinkage of the canvas generally do not use wet stretch.
If you use a product oil canvas with a bottom, spray the canvas evenly with water before stretching,Large Canvas Art Cheap and wait for the canvas to soften before stretching to the inner frame, so that the bottom will not break.

For a picture frame with a wooden wedge, the wedge should be inserted into the inner corner of the canvas after the canvas has been stretched.
If it is a large frame with a blind Angle, the canvas becomes loose after making the bottom, which is a headache for the painter.
The pure linen that USES coarse thread fine weave won't appear flabby phenomenon commonly, famous painter USES high grade linen more.
If you use ordinary linen or cotton/linen blended cloth, fix the canvas to the frame with the thumbtack first, wet the cloth with water, and then pull the canvas tightly after the cloth is dry.
The use of pushpins is for ease of disassembly.
If the canvas is loose after the first wet water, repeat, and finally use the gun stapler to hold the canvas to death.
Be careful not to pull the pushpin down all at once, should be the edge of the pushpin fixed.

Large frame of the tension should be fixed first four corners,Large Canvas Art Sale  from the external and internal fixed canvas in turn.
Or after the corner is fixed, the four edges are simply fixed, wet water to the canvas dry loose after careful fixation, so that the canvas will not become loose.
If the canvas is stretched too tight for the first time, the frame can sometimes be bent out of shape.
Cotton canvas is easy to contract after wet water, and loose after drying, so it is better to use simple and fixed method first.

On cloudy days the air is moist and the canvas often appears slack.
If a little relaxation, the sky after the natural tension, do not affect painting.
If the canvas is loose enough, tighten it a little more, but not too tightly,Large Wall Art so that the canvas will shrink and the frame will be stretched and deformed.

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