Monday, October 22, 2018

How to turn your walls into art walls

Face a blank wall, do not know how to decorate it?In fact, there are many methods, and precisely because there are too many practices, many people will do nothing.
Hang a mirror
Especially in entrance porch, the metope that hangs a side elegant to hang lens in this place is one of the most classic practices, it can become a visual focal point of porch, and functional sex is strong, people can be opposite before going out the door rearrange dress up finally one time.Add a soft stool below its more can be used to change a shoe to use, the key is this kind of collocation is very elegant.

Wall clock
Hanging an oversize wall clock at the entrance can be very noticeable, with a white wall clock in sharp contrast to the darker walls.
Wall lamp
The wall lamp of metope can be very tall carry, this kind of wall lamp is the leading role of metope absolutely, the wall lamp that attracts eyeball so is placed in both sides of fireplace a pair, have very nostalgic atmosphere.
If want to let metope very, grab an eye, and do not know to should decorate some of what word, that arranges a group of dimension to hang a picture to be the best choice, can let that wall become the focus of the space absolutely
Function is in interior stylist absolutely must consider, especially in porch this kind of place, besides let us also add some of individual character thing nevertheless, the porch of here USES to hang a picture to add the combination of

link to make a few changes, let porch be in besides satisfying its itself function added some of artistic feeling again.
The curtain
It's easy to overlook the curtains. If you feel that a wall is too big and bare, try using a curtain.Remember the width of the curtain should be a little bit wide with the width of the window, not only can very good shade, after pulling

open can still serve as the adornment of metope.
Mirror bracket
Metope can not only be used to hang a mirror and picture only, still can be used to do a wall to wear a function, put some of oneself like to collect article, match together with hang lens, also like pleasant to the eye.This works well

for wall decoration in many rooms.
I have mentioned the function of several times before. There is a bookcase and newspaper shelf on the wall here. It is very convenient to pick up and use when you are working, and it also makes the file clear at a glance.

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