Saturday, October 27, 2018

Electric box decorative artwork

We all know that will every home now provides an electrical box, which usually can be used to control the particular electrical switches.
But electric powered box is installed upon wall directly, affect the integral aesthetic feeling associated with the house, appeared on the market consequently distribution box adornment picture.
Submission box decorative dining room wall art custom is usually to paint a variety of patterns on the particular box, but will not impact the normal using the box.
What about the submission box decoration?
Let's observe Electric box decorative picture - scope of program for distribution box decorative picture.

The distribution package that USES in contemporary household (electric gate container, air switch box) usually take porch, footpath, sitting down room, dining-room wait with regard to conspicuous position, do not go through adornment bare outside, can affect home beautiful.
In addition to the distribution box (electric switch box, air switch box), the household walls needs decoration and beautification, also can choose multi-function submission box decoration picture.

Electric powered box decoration picture - the characteristic of submission box decoration picture
(1) hidden power distribution container: the strength distribution box is hidden by painting adornments.

(2) design and decoration space: decorative paintings in various styles to embellish household.

(iii) unique structure design: sliding-guide opening plus closing, easy opening plus closing, flexible operation associated with distribution box.

(iv) flexibility: built-in hook panel, with unique space for storage.

Electric package decorative picture - representation of distribution box ornamental picture
(I) type associated with decorative painting:

Oil artwork series: painted manually simply by professional painters, with wealthy color levels and gloss, with distinct decoration effect;
Not an easy task to peel plus fade.

Embroidery series: individual side embroidery painting primary, embroidery delicate and beautiful, fresh and elegant colour.

Ice carving series: individualized picture post-production, like: artwork photo, wedding photo, kid's photo, scenery photo, and so on.

(2) diversified style: contemporary simplicity, European style, United states style, pastoral, classical Chinese language style, etc.

(iii) simple to use and easy to set up: clever hidden design, the particular product has built-in quiet sliding rail structure, the particular picture can be opened up and closed side, and it is convenient in order to operate the distribution container.

(iv) boost the storage room. The interior frame panel associated with the box has built-in hooks, that is convenient for the storage of articles, convenient for humanization and practical convenience.

(v) distribution box decoration composition/dining room wall art custom: high-grade solid wood or PS frame, mute slide train;
Receive the hanging panel, hand-painted oil painting, embelleshment painting, ice carving painting, and many more painting core.

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