Friday, December 21, 2018

Types of Pure Hand-painted Seascape Oil Paintings

1. Large Handmade Abstract Painting of wave scenery, which mainly depict features of rough or magnificent waves, are shocked by the waves pushed by great forces. It is more suitable for inspiring morale, creating passion for struggle, business-oriented companies and college entrance examination training institutions.

  Modern Art Paintings

2. Great Big Canvas painting of coconut tree seascape - you can intuitively understand that this kind of item is related to coconut trees on the seashore, and associate with leisure scenes such as coconut trees, beaches, hammocks and small sampans.

3. Oversized Abstract Art painting of beach and seascape - different from the first classification, it shows the beach here. It uses heavy brush strokes and bright colors to show the soft of the beach, which will not bring the feeling of mud and water to the picture.

4. Sunrise, sunset and seascape-this is a very important category of seascapes. Although the sea can be seen in the blue sky and white clouds with good light, the sunshine changes most abundantly in the morning and dusk. The rising dawn and the setting up of the sunset can bring us more colour shock experience. Personally, I like the sunset scenery best, which symbolizes all kinds of experiences that people experience when they reach maturity. Faced with such pictures, people often think about the past.

5. Big Contemporary Paingting of beacon seascape-beacon seascape, which imitates the world in fairy tales. The beacon illuminates the way home for the lost ship on the sea. It implicitly expresses the concern for family, lover and friends.

6. Navigation Scenic Oil Painting - Any country and nation will have different ways of expressing their wishes to those who are about to travel or start a new journey. For example, the most commonly used auxiliary word in China is "sailing smoothly".

7. Cliff reef seascape - the scenery of waves beating on reefs. The continuous waves roll up layers of milky white spray to impact or gently touch the reefs on the seashore, sometimes with the feeling of surging waves beating the shore, piercing rocks or warm words.

Saturday, December 1, 2018

Step into the garden of impressionist monet-dining room wall art

Dining room wall art-In 1883, Claude Monet, who had become somewhat famous in the impressionist world but had not yet risen to fame, Large Black and White Art moved his family from Poissy, which he had never liked so much, to Giverny, in upper Normandy. In addition to his drawing boards and brushes, he was said to have in his luggage gardening tools, seeds and even some soil.
Some sources say monet decided to move here because he happened to see this small village with dozens of families by train and felt beautiful.
But I doubt that,Big Modern & Contemporary Canvas Art  because Vernon, five kilometres away, goes the other way, and never passes by.
"Maybe a hundred years ago the trains ran on a different route than they do now. Who knows!"HANDMADE LARGE ABSTRACT CANVAS ART

When I, as the first visitor to open the door,Extra Large Black and White Canvas threw the question at the uniformed, white-haired staff of monet's former residence, he seemed unable to explain.
Actually at this time I have been in the village around a circle, but this place is the focus of the visit, monet gardens, in those days, monet first rented this, after the well-off simply bought it, and then buy back, digging ponds, gardens, Bridges, create a spiritual world of his own - that's right, "garden", "water lily" immortal masterpieces such as inspiration, originate from here.
On one side of monet's garden is the house where he used to live in his daily life. The pink exterior wall is cut by white lines, and the green Windows stand out.
The combination of these three colors is now givenee's most popular color style.
The two-story house of long form covers an area not small, go up to the 2nd floor along narrow stair, sitting room is the most important part of whole house, in those days, also be monet's studio at the same time here, on all sides wall hangs full of picture, there is a comfortable deck chair in window place, when sunshine shines in, let it become the most conspicuous place in whole house.

Everything in the house was restored in accordance with the setting of monet's life.
It's just that all the paintings are replicas, and the real ones go to a number of museums in Paris and elsewhere in the world.
In an old photograph of the room, monet, with his beard, stands in the middle of the room, looking very much like his master.
In addition to the sitting room, impressive and located in a layer of the hall and corridor, here with the monet collection of float world draw, monet for the love of float world draw had influenced many artists in France at that time,

everyone was a collection of float world draw, in the Japanese yamato-e, even fired high in that period.
On the other side of the house was the famous garden.
In those days, when other literary and artistic celebrities of the same age indulged in sensuous love in Montmartre heights in Paris, monet lived in seclusion here 70 kilometers away every day, pruning the branches and leaves of dahlia

and admiring the pond full of water lilies...

Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Artist cy leach-Dining Room Wall Art custom,

Dining Room Wall Art custom-The most eighteenth-century Italian paintings,Great Big Canvas though only a nostalgia for glorious history, did not create anything new. But in Venice, compared with Florence, Rome and milan, the Renaissance seemed to be more intense, and thus became the center of Italian art and maintained its prosperity.Leach was the original figure on the Venetian painting scene.Born in beruno, he came to Venice as a young man.
Although he is the representative of the Venetian school of painting, because of his love of travel and personality, he has been throughout Rome, milan, Florence, and other places.
He had a keen interest in the popular baroque art of the 17th century, but he always approached it with intellectual inquisitiveness.
Veronese, the representative of the Venetian school in the late Renaissance,Black And White Painting  was very devoted to him and was deeply influenced by him.
It can be said that leach's painting style was created by absorbing some features of baroque art on the basis of veronese.

Leach's masterpiece, saint culico livis and the soul of purgatory, is a representative work of his later years.
Besides, "Mary magdalene rises to heaven".
The painting is based on the bible and has been painted by many artists before leach.
As early as 1455, Italian donatello had wood carvings,Contemporary Painting
 and later titian painted the magdalas of the confession, and caravaggio painted this, in 1595;And Ned's vidan.But the works of these painters were different from those of leach. They did not make Mary magdalene into a

portrait, or cry, or repent, or feel inferior, but they did not show magdalene as saintly as leach, almost like the virgin Mary.The half-naked magdalene in the painting is as simple and kind as the celestial being, pure and beautiful.

Looking up at her face and elegant arm gesture, she shows an upward trend.The lovely little angel fluttered beside her, adding to the gaiety of the rising.
It turns out that Mary magdalene in the bible was a prostitute who got rid of the insult and damage, was pardoned by Jesus because of her confession, and became a saint.HANDMADE ABSTRACT ART MODERN WALL ART BLUE WHITE RED GREY

After Jesus accepted her confession, dharma drove away the seven demons that possessed her, made her a pure woman and served him.
After Jesus was crucified and raised, the apparition said, "wherever you preach, proclaim the story of Mary magdalene."
It can be said that this painting of leach fundamentally embodies the meaning of the saying of Jesus' apparition, and vividly promotes Mary magdalene.
Marea, surrounded by angels, rises up into the sky in a cloud, an upward movement that is characteristic of baroque art.
The painter's dynamic depiction of feiteng's rising characters is accurate and vivid, and the characters' dynamics are different from each other from different angles. The description of the characters' wings is very vivid and natural.
In the use of color, leach with large red, blue form a stronger contrast, increase the dynamic picture.
The color of the whole painting is light and bright, and leach does not pursue the magnificent effect of baroque, showing leach's unique style.

Friday, November 9, 2018

What happens to yi song when the canvas is bottom?-Dining Room Wall Art custom

Dining Room Wall Art custom
Due to the quality of the canvas, the wet water is prone to elastic changes.
As wet water after the shrinkage of the canvas generally do not use wet stretch.
If you use a product oil canvas with a bottom, spray the canvas evenly with water before stretching,Large Canvas Art Cheap and wait for the canvas to soften before stretching to the inner frame, so that the bottom will not break.

For a picture frame with a wooden wedge, the wedge should be inserted into the inner corner of the canvas after the canvas has been stretched.
If it is a large frame with a blind Angle, the canvas becomes loose after making the bottom, which is a headache for the painter.
The pure linen that USES coarse thread fine weave won't appear flabby phenomenon commonly, famous painter USES high grade linen more.
If you use ordinary linen or cotton/linen blended cloth, fix the canvas to the frame with the thumbtack first, wet the cloth with water, and then pull the canvas tightly after the cloth is dry.
The use of pushpins is for ease of disassembly.
If the canvas is loose after the first wet water, repeat, and finally use the gun stapler to hold the canvas to death.
Be careful not to pull the pushpin down all at once, should be the edge of the pushpin fixed.

Large frame of the tension should be fixed first four corners,Large Canvas Art Sale  from the external and internal fixed canvas in turn.
Or after the corner is fixed, the four edges are simply fixed, wet water to the canvas dry loose after careful fixation, so that the canvas will not become loose.
If the canvas is stretched too tight for the first time, the frame can sometimes be bent out of shape.
Cotton canvas is easy to contract after wet water, and loose after drying, so it is better to use simple and fixed method first.

On cloudy days the air is moist and the canvas often appears slack.
If a little relaxation, the sky after the natural tension, do not affect painting.
If the canvas is loose enough, tighten it a little more, but not too tightly,Large Wall Art so that the canvas will shrink and the frame will be stretched and deformed.

Saturday, October 27, 2018

Electric box decorative artwork

We all know that will every home now provides an electrical box, which usually can be used to control the particular electrical switches.
But electric powered box is installed upon wall directly, affect the integral aesthetic feeling associated with the house, appeared on the market consequently distribution box adornment picture.
Submission box decorative dining room wall art custom is usually to paint a variety of patterns on the particular box, but will not impact the normal using the box.
What about the submission box decoration?
Let's observe Electric box decorative picture - scope of program for distribution box decorative picture.

The distribution package that USES in contemporary household (electric gate container, air switch box) usually take porch, footpath, sitting down room, dining-room wait with regard to conspicuous position, do not go through adornment bare outside, can affect home beautiful.
In addition to the distribution box (electric switch box, air switch box), the household walls needs decoration and beautification, also can choose multi-function submission box decoration picture.

Electric powered box decoration picture - the characteristic of submission box decoration picture
(1) hidden power distribution container: the strength distribution box is hidden by painting adornments.

(2) design and decoration space: decorative paintings in various styles to embellish household.

(iii) unique structure design: sliding-guide opening plus closing, easy opening plus closing, flexible operation associated with distribution box.

(iv) flexibility: built-in hook panel, with unique space for storage.

Electric package decorative picture - representation of distribution box ornamental picture
(I) type associated with decorative painting:

Oil artwork series: painted manually simply by professional painters, with wealthy color levels and gloss, with distinct decoration effect;
Not an easy task to peel plus fade.

Embroidery series: individual side embroidery painting primary, embroidery delicate and beautiful, fresh and elegant colour.

Ice carving series: individualized picture post-production, like: artwork photo, wedding photo, kid's photo, scenery photo, and so on.

(2) diversified style: contemporary simplicity, European style, United states style, pastoral, classical Chinese language style, etc.

(iii) simple to use and easy to set up: clever hidden design, the particular product has built-in quiet sliding rail structure, the particular picture can be opened up and closed side, and it is convenient in order to operate the distribution container.

(iv) boost the storage room. The interior frame panel associated with the box has built-in hooks, that is convenient for the storage of articles, convenient for humanization and practical convenience.

(v) distribution box decoration composition/dining room wall art custom: high-grade solid wood or PS frame, mute slide train;
Receive the hanging panel, hand-painted oil painting, embelleshment painting, ice carving painting, and many more painting core.

Monday, October 22, 2018

How to turn your walls into art walls

Face a blank wall, do not know how to decorate it?In fact, there are many methods, and precisely because there are too many practices, many people will do nothing.
Hang a mirror
Especially in entrance porch, the metope that hangs a side elegant to hang lens in this place is one of the most classic practices, it can become a visual focal point of porch, and functional sex is strong, people can be opposite before going out the door rearrange dress up finally one time.Add a soft stool below its more can be used to change a shoe to use, the key is this kind of collocation is very elegant.

Wall clock
Hanging an oversize wall clock at the entrance can be very noticeable, with a white wall clock in sharp contrast to the darker walls.
Wall lamp
The wall lamp of metope can be very tall carry, this kind of wall lamp is the leading role of metope absolutely, the wall lamp that attracts eyeball so is placed in both sides of fireplace a pair, have very nostalgic atmosphere.
If want to let metope very, grab an eye, and do not know to should decorate some of what word, that arranges a group of dimension to hang a picture to be the best choice, can let that wall become the focus of the space absolutely
Function is in interior stylist absolutely must consider, especially in porch this kind of place, besides let us also add some of individual character thing nevertheless, the porch of here USES to hang a picture to add the combination of

link to make a few changes, let porch be in besides satisfying its itself function added some of artistic feeling again.
The curtain
It's easy to overlook the curtains. If you feel that a wall is too big and bare, try using a curtain.Remember the width of the curtain should be a little bit wide with the width of the window, not only can very good shade, after pulling

open can still serve as the adornment of metope.
Mirror bracket
Metope can not only be used to hang a mirror and picture only, still can be used to do a wall to wear a function, put some of oneself like to collect article, match together with hang lens, also like pleasant to the eye.This works well

for wall decoration in many rooms.
I have mentioned the function of several times before. There is a bookcase and newspaper shelf on the wall here. It is very convenient to pick up and use when you are working, and it also makes the file clear at a glance.

Friday, October 12, 2018

From Coat Closet to Mudroom for Less Compared to $300

Walking into their split-level 1958 Seattle home always created a bottleneck for the NyQuist family. Kristen, Steven and their three kids — Elliot (age 8), Clio (6) and Shepherd (4) — would often get stuck on a 5-foot by 3-foot landing, Dining Room Wall Art where they will masses around peeling off their backpacks and coats before shuffling farther to the home.
BEFORE: The closet was unappealing with opportunities on. When Kristen removed them, she knew she had to turn the area into something visually attractive.
AFTER: She removed the doors and added a cushioned bench, several tow hooks, some color and varied touches to fully change the experience of entering the home. “Now stuff isn’t loitering on the landing ever again — including all of us, ” she states.

She commenced by measuring the closet and searching for a bench on Craigslist. She found one and topped it with a cushion from Pier 1 Imports.Each family member then got his or her own blackboard hook from Anthropologie. To keep clutter down, Kristen implemented a strict rule that only two items can be hung on each catch at any time.

To hang the hooks, Kristen had to add a new piece of solid wood to the existing border for more support.While the home’s architecture leans in the direction of midcentury modern, Kristen pushes for a more eclectic style with saturated colors, plenty of textures and a lttle bit of shine. To add boldness, she painted the interior of the closet yellow and the catch trim blue.

To save money she used paint remaining over from a earlier project. (She had color types of Sherwin-Williams’ — Banana Cream and Blue Nile — matched at The particular Home Depot in Behr brand paint. ) The lady then splurged on a metallic gold (Parlor Precious metal from Ralph Lauren) for the trim, a concept the lady got from this picture on Houzz.Here’s the breakdown of the project cost:

Bench: $45, from Craigslist
Cushion: $80, from Pier 1 Imports
Hooks: $70, from Anthropologie
Glowing blue and yellow paint: Left over from a previous task
Metallic gold paint: $30
Dining Room Wall Art :$500
Print: $40, from Ikea
Baskets: $7 each, from Ikea
Backpacks: Already owned, from Hanna Andersson

Thursday, October 4, 2018

one High Eclectic Style in a Luxe Sitting Area

This sitting room is right off the master bedroom, so we desired to make it romantic, ” states interior designer William Peace. The room is layered in antiques and contemporary art, which makes it feel as though everything has already been collected

over years, and that each item has an interesting story at the rear of it — perhaps an item was plucked from a Paris flea market, restored from the Venetian palazzo, discussed at a Turkish bazaar or bid upon at a brand new York art public sale. Like a

whole, the room tells a tale of travel and a love of art and design history. Here’s a closer look at how Peace taken together a luxurious and quiet space that this individual and the homeowner recommend to as “the destination. ”
A mahogany statue by Pascal Pierme perches atop a Macassar afro and stainless steel coffee desk, bringing modern design to the center the room.

The particular antiqued mirrored cabinets have French-inspired detailing. They conceal a refrigerator, a sink and storage for glasses, which makes it easy to relish morning juice or a nightcap without leaving the master suite.

A modern painting by Sharon Weiner hangs above a traditional marbled fireplace surround. Its high-gloss finish contrasts with the Venetian plaster walls. Sconces on either side add more soft, romantic light to the room.

Silver kindling bucket: Parc Monceau; Milano Wing Chair, Infinity sconces, occasional table with scared palm top: R Hughes
At a a bit more than 7 feet square, a large mixed-media piece by Caio Fonseca adds strong visuals and has dramatic comparison. Along with the carved wood legs of the hide-hair stool, it helps keep the room from feeling too serious.

Peace’s advice for creating peaceful luxe: “Keep it simple and go for texture. ”
This really is a small room you enter from the hallway and walk through to get to the bedroom, with a view of the garden, ” Serenity says. “We wanted it to be a quiet place that was comfortable and luxurious. ” This is a TV-free area, layered in

luxe fabrics. “There will be a lot of action in here, but it is also subtle and silent, ” he says.

However , the room is anything at all but some frozen-in-time small Versailles. “We wanted the room to have a sense of tradition and feel current at the same time, ” the designer says. The armchair is a modern take on a conventional wingback

seat, with exaggerated proportions that stand up to benefit ceiling. Its soft azure velvet upholstery and updated silhouette tie it to the abstract artwork, while its traditional roots tie it to the collectibles in the room. The particular art deco

fire tools and screen represent a style era somewhere between that of the chandelier and the modern pieces.

Wednesday, September 19, 2018

The Best Way to Hang Dining Room Wall Art

Does the art wall feel a bit of a mess? Try one of these fresh ideas to make your Dining Room Wall Art.From corner art to unique wall decoration ideas, wall backgrounds, the right hanging style will change your home. A little tip: Take a picture of them before you lay them out - this will save you a lot of nails.

Modern large-scale Dining Room Wall Art makes the rigid wall appearance vivid. Working with wallpaper, fabric or rich paint colors will also create a wonderful background, adding a large three-dimensional piece above the table, such as an antler, mask, so that the art wall does not feel too empty. If you like large handmade modern art paintings with frames, consider replacing ordinary white mats with black or textured linen, or switching to a larger frame.

There is a simple and interesting way to build art walls-just buy a set of artwork from your favorite artist and hang all the artwork together. Many artists create works that are related to themes or colors, and the artworks in the works look more conspicuous.

In another way, a detachable iron frame can accommodate a series of related works of art or photography. To determine the height of the suspension, place the largest part on the lower shelf, with a small artwork or your family portrait above. It's the most fun to fill two shelves.